Hitting Rewind: An Essay

And with a blink of an eye (and bottomless coffee cups and innumerable sleepless nights), we have reached the last week of the semester. Thank God. And while I’m just about ready to pack up and move on to celebrating the holidays, we cannot go without spending some time to reminisce on this little piece […]


Process Post #8: Data dazed

Rather than pondering the specifics of my tiny piece of the Internet, today we’re talking about broader, underlying, big-picture stuff. We’re talking data.  I’m sure you’ve been there before. There you are, mindlessly scrolling through your social media platform of choice and then suddenly being hit with a stream of ads pointing to that one […]


Peer Review: Raincity Closet

Another week, another peer review! This time around we’re teaming up with Adriana of Raincity Closet, a Vancouver-based fashion blog serving you everything sweet and cozy. I know. We love. It’s the perfect timing too because sweater weather is finally upon us! I’ll stop myself here so I don’t get too ahead of myself.  Alrighty, […]