Play when…the rain’s coming down

There’s something about the weather that just dictates what kind of music that I can allow myself to listen to. For instance, radio hosts like to classify upbeat, party-all-day music as “Summer Hits”. Such songs have this strange quality to them that make them only enjoyable to listen to, well, during the summer. 

Think about it: one cannot simply listen to “Sunflower” when it’s wet and dark and dreary outside. For such occasions, we have what I like to call “rainy day songs”. I know, the name could use some work.


It’s most definitely the Pacific West Coast-er in me, but I LOVE the rain. 

I love the sound of cars sloshing through puddles yet still going way above the speed limit, watching raindrops play their own version of Connect Four on the window, and the fact that I get to whip out my favourite fall staple of them all—boots. If you also immediately imagined a Chelsea boot in your mind, you are definitely my kind of people. 

But there’s a particular mood that comes along with the rain. A sort of cosiness, a comfortable sadness, romanticized existentialism— that I am completely and utterly obsessed with. 

So hit play and let’s dance or cry or mope in the rain together. 

Don’t forget your umbrella!

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