Play when…you need to love yourself

In the words of Hoodie Allen, “Saying ‘I love you’, that’s sort of a giant step to me—so when I say that s***, I don’t mean it passive-aggressively”. 


Not to turn this into that sappy moment in nearly every romance flick (or The Bachelor one-on-one date) where the main characters discuss how hard it is to “let their guards down” or “show who they really are”—but I gotta put it out there: Loving is hard. 

Saying the L-word is hard. Especially to myself. 

But this isn’t a pity party (we’re all about growth these days), and self-love is not just an idea, but a priority. 

You deserve to feel good in your skin, to be proud of your successes, and to write your own story.

Gurl, you deserve the world and more—and don’t you forget that.  I’m freakin’ rooting for you!

So look at your strong, beautiful self in the mirror, turn up this mix, and say it with me now—I love you. 

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