Process Post #6: Sprucing Up the Place

Change is scary. 

I think (no, I know) that this stems from the fact that I get too emotionally invested into quite literally anything at an alarming rate. Moods & Mixtapes being one of these things.

(I’m also not sure how these Process Posts suddenly turned into makeshift therapy sessions as of late, but thanks for sticking with it.) 

And after the events of my design crisis a few weeks back accompanied by a kind peer review from A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Self Care, I couldn’t sit on my hands any longer. 


To add a little somethin’-somethin’, a pop of colour, and visual appeal, if you will—I’ve been making graphics for each of my mixes to make them stand out in the crowd of text-forward posts like this. One of my peers even hit it right on the head in pointing this out during my review!

That being said, one comment got me thinking. I know, what a surprise.

When discussing these feature images, my fellow blogger noted that she “love[s] the colourful images so much that [she] almost wish[es] that every post had one”

First of all, thank you! That really did make me smile.  

Truth is, I’ve been contemplating adding images to all of my posts for a few weeks now, but I hesitated out of fear that it would make the home page too overwhelming. After all, I kinda vibe with the contrast of the colourful images against the black and white text posts. But I hear ya, and I too was also starting to feel like the text was drowning out my playlist features. 


As a solution, I went back into some of my older posts and changed the dimensions of alternating photos—some square-cut, others elongated, a few on the wider-side. We don’t body shame around here. Hopefully, this will make the home page more dynamic and bring more focus towards the images!

We’ll see how this plays out for the next while, and this time around I’ll try to be more willing to make design changes! It’s a two-way street after all. Much like Travis Gertz’s design secret in “Design Machines: How to survive the digital apocalypse”, it “isn’t con­tent first or con­tent last… it’s con­tent and design at the same time”. 

Sorry, the cat’s out of the bag.

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